Get to know me

Named after the designer’s grandmother, Peg’s has entered its 6th year of production and keeps growing, largely because of our incredibly loyal clientele that keep coming back and newbies who enjoy finding a one-of-a-kind item. Each piece designed is deeply thought out, produced with the highest quality, and then sold at a fair price. We use only natural metals and stones; cutting, filing, molding and experimenting is our process. Inspiration is drawn from fluid shapes ending in statement makers that are lightweight and made to last.

“I founded Peg’s Hardware as an extension of myself. I am a self-taught designer and, as it turns out, it’s the most intuitive, effortless process I’ve ever known. I am committed to a personal philosophy that there is more than enough poorly made, overpriced fashion jewelry out there, and as such, I go to great lengths to ensure quality. I truly love what I do and consider each piece a version of wearable art.”