Get to Know Me

Pegs Hardware is a Buffalo based jewelry company run by Gretchen Meyers Wochensky. After studying jewelry making as a young adult, she created Peg’s Hardware as a platform for her craft, which has launched her into a widespread design career. Named after her grandmother, Peg who encouraged Meyers’ creativity at a young age, the company embodies growth, transformation, and positive chaos. After peddling her wares on a homemade display at the Buffalo boutique Half & Half, Meyers utilized her communications and graphic design education to grow her brand into something profitable, and ever-changing, which has become a staple of the local fashion scene as well as the online jewelry market.

From humble beginnings, Peg’s Hardware has developed quickly and drastically, yet embraces consistent and recurring themes. These notions could be described as industrial yet chic, raw yet feminine, timeless yet contemporary, simple and sophisticated, yet edgy always with a bottom line of accessibility and comfort. Meyers chooses high-quality bold, natural elements such as geodes, raw agate, and quartz, which she tends to pair with 14k gold, sterling silver, and brass.

As an accomplished small-business owner, Meyers feels strongly connected to her Buffalo roots, and believes in the renaissance of the city. Committed to the resurgence of quality handcrafted local goods, she sees no better time or place to be a developing craftsperson. Peg’s Hardware has been featured in Buffalo Spree Magazine, Buffalo Rising, I Die Dressed, an art and fashion magazine, and With Love, a local wedding editorial. She has produced three look-books to showcase seasonal collections, and continues to push her brand through Makers Buffalo, a traveling DIY workshop, which she founded and organizes on a weekly basis.

All jewelry is handcrafted with love in Meyers’ Buffalo studio.

HI, I’m Gretchen. Thank you so much for your support. Pegs is what I love and you make it possible.